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Any experienced tailgater will tell you: it’s lots of fun and lots of work. Setting up, getting food out, remembering to bring everything, laying everything out in a small space, cleaning up, packing up…there’s a lot to do and a lot of little things that can get in the way of your fun. Use these tips and tricks to cut back on the time, stress and hassle and start tailgating like a pro. 1. Make a hand washing station by filling an old laundry soap dispenser (the big kind!) with water and tie a bar of soap inside pantyhose to the...

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Memorial Day Music: Songs That Honor Our Troops’ Sacrifices

Memorial Day is an important American holiday, setting aside a day to remember and honor those who have given their lives in battle for the United States military. Memorial Day gives Americans a chance to celebrate their freedom with their loved ones, and to appreciate those who died to defend that freedom. Many also consider Memorial Day to be the unofficial start of summer. The good weather and extra day off provide a great opportunity for many to celebrate with barbecues and parties with family and friends. The key to a successful Memorial Day party is finding the balance between...

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Cornhole Basics: Bag Toss Technique

Is cornhole easy to pick up? Yes. Is cornhole easy to master? Absolutely not. Playing cornhole may be easy, but playing it well requires technique and strategy. This post looks at different throwing techniques and gives some tips that can help your game.   Grip – There are a number of different ways people hold a bag when throwing. One technique is to hold the bag parallel to the ground, with your 4 fingers underneath the bag and the thumb on top. This grip is especially useful for applying side spin, which will be discussed later. Others prefer holding it flat...

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Cornhole Basics: Strategy

Do you (still) suck at cornhole? This post continues a series about the basics of cornhole, providing brilliant observation and priceless advice to improve your play. Cornhole, the sport of kings, is difficult to master, but some knowledge and practice will improve your game significantly. In the Cornhole Basics: Technique post, I discussed different ways to throw your bags. This post will explain how and when you should use those different throws to their greatest impact. Strategy 1: The Slide Throw the bag at the center of the board, around 30-40% of the way to the hole. Land the bag...

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Cornhole Life Lessons: Celebrate

In cornhole or really any form of friendly competition, one thing is certain: winning means nothing unless you mercilessly and obnoxiously rub it in your opponent’s face. It doesn’t matter if you are playing a college friend, your 87 year-old mother-in-law, or your 4 year old nephew. Simply winning is never enough. As future hall of famer Chad Ochocinco showed us all, a sustainable career of success is secondary to celebration, flash, and trash talk. Ocho might only catch one ball a game, but you sure wont forget about that catch any time soon. Smart cornhole players operate the same...

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